Apparantly there was never a properly cracked c64 version out there. I know it was a tough one to crack, it performs checks during the game and if they fail you get a visit by a couple of FBI agents who kick the living daylights out of you. But not only did they crack it, add a bunch of cool trainers, but they also managed to fit the whole thing onto a single c64 disk. I don't know what kind of black magic this is, but here is the link to the reddit post from FLT themselves :

actual downloads on this link :

Alternate Reality - The City +11D

Yoo, this shit is crazy man !! Atari has seen the light and will fucking reinvent themselves as a gamer enthusiast vacation destination. It's genius and I think it's going to be HUGE (tm) !. Hotels full of the latest and greatest in AR and VR, man I wanna go heeeeeeere !!!!! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONAAAH !!

Later this year, Atari will break ground on its first hotel. Additional hotels are planned for Las Vegas; Denver; Chicago; Austin, Texas; Seattle; San Francisco; and San Jose, Calif.

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