Oh man am I happy to have picked this one up ! All I need now is a copy of ES: Arena and we have a complete set!! I will need to upgrade some of them to big box versions still, but the basics are here now. Daggerfall was really hard to get a hold of in good condition .. This one is in very nice condition, even the corners are barely worn. And you know what .. it's actually a really good game too, if you can get past the controls and the dated gfx.

A nice little pickup in between larger ones ... 2 additions to the Lucasarts collection. And they are 2 good ones ! The Dig and Dark Forces .. both really solid titles and happy to add them to my collection.

Best seller editions ... they will need to be replaced with original releases at some point :)


Added a few very nice titles to my collection. Even a sealed version of a collectors edition of Star Trek Judgement Rites ... very nice ! Also happy to have some stuff from the Might and Magic series .. I would really like a big box version of MM6.


Snagged this from Marktplaats, priced decently at €15. I had this game when it came out, played it very far but never completed it .. I would really like to do that one day. I probably will not use these actual disks though since I already have it on gog.com. Box is in excellent condition btw.